About BOOSTER A free tool to boost your mental well-being

Oliver Parker

Hi, my name is Oliver.
My team and me created BOOSTER. Here is the story behind it.

I am working as a consultant for startups. Most of the time I am working from home. And so do many of my clients. I learned that there is an uneasy commonness amongst people working from home or in small co-working spaces. I am referring to a particular state of mind. It has been described as «work-from-home decision fatigue» by Allie Miller.

As I have been suffering from this and other mental ups and downs during lockdown myself, I tried it and was positively surprised by the effect. I also tested the method with a few other people who reported similar mental improvements after applying it.

I decided to create this free tool from Allie's proposal. This way the method is easier to apply. Also, I hope it reaches more people who are in demand for it, maybe without knowing.

Happy to hear your thoughts. Contact me here and let me know if it helped you or if you have additional ideas.

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